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San Diego Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are two ways to make a client's web site "user friendly." What do we mean by "user friendly?" This term is used for web sites deemed exceptional by Search Engines, placing them in first positions of the first pages of desired (potential customer/visitor) results.

What are the two "Optimization" methods?

Pay Per Click (PPC)
search engine maintanance

The most used (and abused!) short-term (results) way is the conventional Pay Per Click method, where the Client pays any Search Engine (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.) each time a potential customer/visitor "clicks" on several key words that designate the client's type of business, or key words pertaining to the client itself.

Natural Method
Natural Method

While we recommend using PPC methods, we are more dedicated to making our client's website Number One based on the "Natural Method" (from a Best Practices standpoint). How do we attain this? We assign each client a specific Web Specialist who will tailor every aspect of Web Design, and Development, using among other tools: direct linking and Directory Listing.
The "Natural Method" when done the correct way, is a more effective (in the long run) way to gain placement in the top spots of the most popular search engines.
When websites show up the "Natural" way, they do not have to pay for residual click fees.

The Outcome
The Outcome

We combine the cost benefits of the "Natural Method," with the PPC method to create highly targeted traffic results. The SEO results allows you to market your target in an specific geographic area by selecting the right keywords that apply to our business.

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Search Engine Optimization in San Diego California
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