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Socal Ideas

SOCAL IDEAS LLC is an Internet Marketing Company based in San Diego California. It is a privately owned company focused on our client's needs: Making their presence on the Internet our number one priority!

We make it possible for our clients to:

  • Assure first positions in most important Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization SEO by PPC and Natural Method)
  • Web Design and Development (Design Services)
  • Corporate Image
  • Develop Internet Marketing Tools
  • Incorporate E-Commerce (For Merchant Clients)
  • Offer Interactive Live Chat Tools (Live Person)

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Our Experience:

Socal Ideas
SOCAL IDEAS LLC Internet Marketing was born in San Diego, California in 2001. Since then we've specialized in meeting with the growing demands of the Internet as a Marketing and Advertising tool for businesses.

Our team of experts range from Graphic Designers, Programmers, Sales Team and Internet Marketing Consultants dedicated full time to our clients' needs. This catering of services allows SOCAL IDEAS LLC, to designate a team of specialists for each client. Once the team is assembled, its unique goal is to provide the client with a strategy where:

  1. The client's presence in the Internet is maximized
  2. The client's overall Image is created and/or enhanced
  3. Increase traffic to client's website
  4. Improve relations with client's customers/visitors
What is Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization?
Search Engine Optimization is the ability to create and design websites that specially cater to Search Engines to allow indexing. To clear up confusion, it is to my opinion that SEO is no longer the same as SER (Search Engine Ranking). A page can be optimized but never achieve high rankings and this could be the result of many technical factors. It is simply not placing H1 Tags, Meta Tags, or rich keywords but the technical aspect of the site such as the server, the source code, or the way the spiders come into your site. SOCAL IDEAS LLC has the proven ability to analyze your website and provide the best path for your SEO needs. 
What is Internet Marketing Search Engine Maintenance?
Now that you have achieved high rankings, everything is down hill. WRONG! Competition can be fierce. A competitor could be slowly bumping you down due to better linking structure, more affiliates, or they discovered a technical issue that the crawlers are placing weight on their site. Another scenario is that the search engines change their code on how they analyze websites, and your site just happens not to be in compliance. SOCAL IDEAS LLC is constantly on the cutting edge to inform our clients of any possible changes in the search engines and also prevent any algorithm changes that can bump you down or off the Internet. 
What is a good Internet Marketing Linking Strategy?
Developing a Linking Strategy is complex and time consuming! Our clients will be instantly placed in our Linking Network. It is not just trading links to another site but verifying that their links page can be crawled and verify that the link being traded is a high quality and decent page rank site. SOCAL IDEAS LLC assigns a team leader to follow up and exchange links on a daily basis. SOCAL IDEAS LLC will NEVER add your site to Farm Links. Farm Links is an artificial way of boosting your amount of links, and as of 9/15/05 link farms are achieving low to zero Page Ranks.


Downtown Dental Designs:
SOCAL Ideas LLC Internet Marketing has been wonderful in providing us with state of the art advertising tools. SOCAL is completely efficient and detail organized, which contributes to their professional proficiency that we are pleased to have experienced. Thank you SOCAL! Downtown Dental Designs- Where Smiles Are Created
Dr. Ron G. Soltero:
Thanks so much for the work you did on my website. The Search Engine Optimization service has made a huge difference to my business since my site was optimized. My patients can find me on first place of the most important search engines such us Google and Yahoo. Since I signed up a contract with SOCAL IDEAS my Internet Marketing budget has decreased while my business has grown. The amount of leads received in the last 6 months has increased tremendously and the conversion rate is greater every month. Great Return on Investment! Dr. Soltero. San Diego California

San Diego Internet Marketing covers the realm of electronic commerce.  San Diego Internet Marketing also covers areas such as information management,  public relations, customer services, and sales.  In a nutshell San Diego Internet Marketing boils down to ranking high as possible whether you pay for top placement or rank high in organic search results. According to many reports, many people through out the world have internet access and by achieving high rankings could increase your profits.

San Diego Internet Marketing began during the Internet boom. First starting as text based only to advancing to many Internet Marketing strategies. There are many San Diego Internet Marketing acronyms such as, PPC, PPP, ROI, etc.

Many companies try to come up with their own buzz words.  PPC means Pay-Per-Click, Pay For Performance, Return On Investments.

San Diego Internet Marketing focuses first on a search engine friendly website. It is crucial to have a website that spiders ever single page. Once that is achieved san Diego Internet Marketing works on quality back linking. Another step is to submit to directories that are known to help with Page Rank. San Diego Internet Marketing helps to achieve high page ranking. Page Ranking is a scoring system offered by Google.

San Diego Internet Marketing has several business models. Most San Diego Internet Marketing is based on B2B (Business to Business) where another business out sources the Internet Marketing. There are draw back to B2B. The other method is B2C which is less used. The other top San Diego Internet Marketing performed is once a person learns the art of Internet Marketing then he uses his skill only for his or hers website.

Some San Diego Internet Marketing concerns would be out sourcing your work to a company and they have complete control of the sites they create to build traffic for you. If you decide to cancel the account, then all websites created the traffic will be lost. It is always best to have your own in house Internet Marketing team or person, or a trust worthy third party Internet Marketing company.

The dangers for a Internet Marketing company to perform all source work on your server, if you choose to cancel the account then all the work they performed becomes your property without allowing San Diego Internet marketing company a chance to allow the search engines index the pages. It could take 6 months to a year for decent results.




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